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Brazil plans “Super Infra Month” for November: new bids planned for major public concessions of highways and ports

The balance sheet for the first half of 2021 shows that the sector’s auctions allowed us to mobilize 30 billion reais in investments. In April alone, 22 airports, one railway and five port terminals were auctioned. However, bids for major public concessions have not been completed yet. According to government planning, November will be the […]

Mercosur and the European Union: an agreement and many opportunities

The agreement between Mercosur and the European Union (EU) will give rise to one of the largest areas of free trade in the world. Together, the economic blocks account for approximately 25% of the world economy and a market of 780 million people. Considered the largest free trade agreement in history, it will eliminate import […]

Sustainability and tariff innovation on highways in the coast of São Paulo

The notice of concession of stretches of highways on the coast of São Paulo, launched on May 14 by the government of the state of São Paulo, has its auction scheduled for September this year. The notice that received the name of “Paulista Coast Lot” comprises 222 km of highways that cut through 12 municipalities […]

Investments in Brazil: companies have found a promising scenario in the country

Investiments in Brazil

Foreign investments in Brazil more than doubled in the first two months of the year 2021. The country has become fertile ground for companies around the world, who are looking for potential consumers. In total, US $ 10.8 billion in direct investments came in, more than double the amount registered in the same period in […]