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We support entrepreneurs with the country-specific knowledge needed to define the business initiative’s successful strategy.

  • Outsourced administrative and accounting services
  • Market analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Strategic planning and management
  • Due diligence

We support the company’s strategic decisions and project development with a multi-disciplinary approach that includes competencies in the most strategic areas:

  • Strategic planning
  • Fusions and acquisitions
  • Governance
  • Risks and compliance
  • Economic and financial evaluation processes

We identify, analyze and coordinate the necessary and functional activities for the establishment and development of foreign business initiatives in Brazil.

Process definition, implementation, supervision and management:

  • Administrative
  • Accounting
  • Financials
  • Taxes
  • Human Resources
  • Legal

Through our large network of relationships we present business opportunities in Brazil and all over Latin America as well as in Italy and all over Europe, accompanying the company in its commercial and industrial insertion.

  • Market research
  • Business plan
  • Partner and customer analysis and selection

We equip foreign business initiatives in Brazil with the tools and resources needed for efficient management and business model support defined for the business project.

For the investor / parent company

  • Planning and control
  • Governance

For the Brazilian business initiative

  • CEO, CFO, COO Services
  • Outsourcing of accounting, tax, financial and administrative services